Doing things a bit different.


When I first met Justin Catalana, the founder and CEO of Fort Point Beer, we were introduced through a friend and I definitely had a preconcieved notion of what a “beer CEO” would be like. I had recently read the biography of the Lagunitas beer founder, and his eclectic ways which clouded by expectations. I was surprised when I met Justin, someone who could go deep in so many areas. His keen eye for details shows itself in, well, every detail of Fort Point… the brand, the expandion and operations, the team culture, and of course product itself. It then didn’t suprise me at all, once I knew Justin to learn that Fort Point is pushing the business model limits as well handling all of their own distribution. Then there was Camber, the companies internal CRM & sales software that was wholely developed, from scratch, by Justin himself. At this point it was clear where I could help… get Justin to focus 😉

In the short time I’ve been able to know the company and get involved a little bit I’ve been blown away at the care for quality in all elements, a long view on what Fort Point Beer can and should become, and a deep interest in doing things a bit differently than the status quo, or people expectations of a micro brewery. It’s been a pleasure working with Justin and team and I’m excited for a very fun, tasty and bright future for the company.