About Us

People come first. Life is short. We want to spend it with great people who will challenge us and help us grow. — Ryan Graves
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People first.

The value within any company is the people that it attracts and curates. We see people first as individuals with unique perspectives and ideas, then as team members uniting to build something great. Our relationships with teammates make or break how we get work done.

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Humility is a superpower.

Starting with openness, honesty, respect for the unknown, and respect for the details, we want to build a foundation for us to learn, focus, identify opportunities, and own mistakes. Humility enables our continual improvement.

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Pragmatic & prepared partners.

We emphasize timely execution but see our work as a lifelong effort and we seek to share our wins with our partners. We prepare ourselves using the “4D’s” — Data, Discussion, Decision, Delivery. Data supports our discussions, discussions sharpen our decisions, and clear decision making empowers our delivery. If we are pragmatic and follow a strong business process we will continue to achieve great outcomes.

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Brick by brick.

Everything big starts small. A new idea… a little action, a little test, one single brick, then another. We adventure towards new ideas, then compound these new ideas with little actions, then a little more follow through. Start small, follow through, build brick by brick.

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Take ownership, take action.

We take great pride in the high quality of our output, but we know that “done” can be better than “perfect”. We move quickly because it’s the best way to ensure we’re not afraid of the future. When a decision has been made, we anticipate the undefined by asking “what’s next” and “where do we go from here”.

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The anti-corp.

We work hard to avoid being the typical corporate bureaucracy. We are lean and we prioritize for an outcome, not for perception. If “everything is important” then “nothing is important”. We go deeper on fewer. Less is more.

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Our Team

  • RyanGraves
    Ryan Graves Founder
  • CarlyeCallihan
    Carlye Callihan Operations
  • AustinMiller
    Austin Miller Investments
  • PeytonHicks
    Peyton Hicks Investments
  • HeloiseTaillet
    Heloise Taillet Investments
  • Doug website photo
    Doug Llewellyn Operating Partner
  • JakeFields
    Jake Fields
  • KevinWest
    Kevin West
  • EveDumaual
    Eve Dumaual
  • AlexGross
    Alex Gross
  • GabeWeeks
    Gabe Weeks
  • LauraMazzotta
    Laura Mazzotta
  • DavidBlanco
    David Blanco
  • TammyHenning
    Tammy Henning
  • RyanSherman
    Ryan Sherman
  • JosephSnotherly
    Joseph Snotherly
  • JonathanHicks
    Jonathan Hicks
  • LukeWhitten
    Luke Whitten
  • BrooksDavis
    Brooks Davis
Mayven Studios
  • ConnorHood
    Connor Hood Founder
  • NateMcGuire
    Nate McGuire Founder
  • Luca
    Luca Technical Director
  • Craig
    Craig Creative Director
  • Art
    Art Senior Developer
  • Amer
    Amer QA Lead
  • Gregory
    Gregory Dev Recruiter
  • Ivan
    Ivan Technical Architect
  • Kamil
    Kamil UI Designer
  • Andrew-M
    Andrew Developer
  • Daniel
    Daniel Developer
  • Martin
    Martin Developer
  • Miguel
    Miguel Developer
  • Mikhail
    Mikhail Developer
  • Nikolay
    Nikolay Developer
  • Pavel
    Pavel Developer
  • Saroj
    Saroj Developer
  • Roland
    Roland Designer
  • Rupen
    Rupen Developer
  • Sagin
    Sagin Developer
  • Raju
    Raju Developer
  • Selmir
    Selmir Project Manager
  • Lafif
    Lafif Developer
  • Eduardo
    Eduardo Project Manager
  • Damian
    Damian Developer
  • Mirza
    Mirza QA
  • Adis
    Adis Designer
  • josh
    Josh Project Manager
  • Serhii
    Serhi Developer
  • Amer2
    Amer QA
  • Pablo
    Pablo Developer
  • AlecElton
    Alec Elton
  • AllisonWeston
    Allison Weston
  • AmandaHuffman
    Amanda Huffman
  • AmandaLanghorst
    Amanda Langhorst
  • AmeliaVazquez
    Amelia Vazquez
  • AndrewNagy
    Andrew Nagy
  • AnnaCallahan
    Anna Callahan
  • BrianNowosielski
    Brian Nowosielski
  • BriannaMorton
    Brianna Morton
  • CarlQuillterson
    Carl Quillterson
  • ChrisAngulo
    Chris Angulo
  • ClaytonMcKibbin
    Clayton McKibbin
  • DanielHappe
    Daniel Happe
  • DennisSnyder
    Dennis Snyder
  • EricGasa
    Eric Gasa
  • ErikaLeonard
    Erika Leonard
  • GabeBlankenship
    Gabe Blankenship
  • GriffMatis
    Griff Matis
  • JeffSanders
    Jeff Sanders
  • JrGosnell
    Jr Gosnell
  • KatieGrable
    Katie Grable
  • KyleShive
    Kyle Shive
  • LauraHohenstein
    Laura Hohenstein
  • LauraRay
    Laura Ray
  • LisaMay
    Lisa May
  • MacKenzie Gordon
    MacKenzie Gordon
  • MichelleShockley
    Michelle Shockley
  • MissyGlassmaker
    Missy Glassmaker
  • MitchRenfrew
    Mitch Renfrew
  • MonicaStevens
    Monica Stevens
  • NicoleMcCulloch
    Nicole McCulloch
  • RobLloyd
    Rob Lloyd
  • SamanthaLabat
    Samantha Labat
  • SarahPayne
    Sarah Payne
  • ShaeVogt
    Shae Vogt
  • SydneyWennerstrom
    Sydney Wennerstrom
  • VictoriaSchnepf
    Victoria Schnepf
  • ZachBrown
    Zach Brown
  • KaseyGrelle
    Kasey Grelle
  • LinseyStevens
    Linsey Stevens