Saltwater is Acquiring Quillt Media


Saltwater is growing! We’ve been heads down over the last year and half to find companies that would provide us a strong start towards our investment thesis of finding profitable companies that are driven by purpose. We’re very excited to have found an amazing platform company that helps build Saltwater in the content to commerce media space. Today we’re announcing our purchase of Quillt Media.

Quillt has amazing people. Aligned with our key cultural values, our investment decision was driven by people first. When I first met Kasey Grelle it was clear she was a fighter. Her resilience in her personal life and in building Quillt is evident in every part of the business. As we got to know her leadership team it was clear they embodied many of the values we hold dear. They are honorable, clear and direct communicators, they are extremely data driven and they value the impact of technology in the scaling of a business. Most of the Quillt team is based in St. Louis, MO and they embody that classic midwest hustle, frugality, and groundedness that we’ve grown to admire.

Quillt has built brands with huge potential in massive markets.,, and represent opportunities in huge and growing market segments. With a focus on aspirational women, and the care of a rapidly growing elderly population. We believe Quillt has an opportunity to have a massive impact in the lives of its readers and customers. The company’s culture is prime to serve these audiences and bring joy and delight to their lives. 

Quillt is driven by purpose, powered by fundamentals. We focus on finding companies that understand how to make money, but are driven by something much greater than profit. In Quillt, we found immense potential to deliver value to customers in a profitable and sustainable way allowing us to reinvest intelligently and further their impact. We believe that to build something truly great, something lasting, a company CANNOT be only about profit. Quillt’s success is in identifying underserved audiences, and connecting them with the resources and information they need, when they need it most. This purpose helps them bring real value to their customers, creating a meaningful relationship in the process. Whether through planning life changing travel experiences, empowering women to find inspiration and make better purchasing decisions, reducing the stress of retirement planning, or supporting a family in their planning for and caring for aging parents, we will always push for Quillt to focus on making an impact on their customers’ lives. 

We have work to do. But it’s that hard work that we love. We will change, we will always learn and grow and we’re pumped to support Kasey and her team to achieve everything that’s possible for Quillt. We see an incredible alignment between their approach to business and our core philosophies, and now it’s time to get to work…