Saltwater's mission is to buy and build companies that scale profit and purpose.

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Our humble family
of amazing companies.

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Acquiring companies that we can help scale is our primary business. In addition, we have a small but mighty portfolio of startup investments. We’re lucky to call these founders our friends.

Waveblock #176


We are a holding company focused on changing the growth trajectory of our companies specifically to maximize the probability, not just the magnitude, of a great outcome. We are not VC, and we are not PE, we are long-term partners.


We operate as a company, not a fund. We set clear goals, and transparent expectations. We support operators through bringing world class talent, technical skill, pragmatic and data-driven decision-making, with the safety and patience to experiment.


We believe a balance of purpose and profit is the foundation to durable growth. We work to help our teams identify and implement their purpose authentically and patiently with an eye towards sustainable success.

Saltwater is backed by Ryan Graves

Ryan helped start Uber, first as CEO, then driving the business as SVP of Global Operations and Board Member. He was instrumental in building Uber’s leadership team and it’s global expansion. Now he is using those lessons to build Saltwater and our family of companies scaling profit and purpose.

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