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Why Saltwater? From the age of 10, my experiences in the ocean have been the source of clarity, inspiration, and growth. As a holding company and investment vehicle, SALTWATER fosters those vibes by bringing an endless pursuit of adventure to our work. highlights new businesses, investments, projects and a few shared insights along the ride. 🤙

Why choose Saltwater Capital as a partner? We've benefited from making and learning from a lot of mistakes then the reward of a few big successes. We believe founders typically know a lot more about their business than anyone thinking about the problem part-time and we are here for the teams long-term success. We've been called "patient capital" and have no fund structure that requires liquidity by a certain deadline. We like it this way because we want to help build impactful companies that are tuned for growth but may take time to deliver on the full vision.

Looking for investment? Please get in touch, --> we are focused on early stage -- typically seed & series A -- companies with a technology focus and a growth interest.

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Ryan Graves, Founder

The friends we have invested in...