Saltwater is building a portfolio of technology & consumer businesses that we believe in.

We partner for the long-term with permanent capital and overwhelm with autonomy.

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We are focused on making majority investments or full acquisitions of small, profitable, technology businesses and prefer to continue work with the founders/leadership team as partners over the long-term. We are interested in:

Software businesses - online or app based
Profitable businesses - greater than $500K in annual profits
Small businesses - less than $10M in annual revenue
Talented Teams - in place to run the (post sale) business

We invest our own capital, providing the freedom to make the best long-term decisions, with an ideal holding period of forever. We’d love to learn more about your company: Contact Us or Read More.



Saltwater covers over 73% of our earth, it’s everywhere, and it’s our most critical eco-asset. We have large ambitions for our growing portfolio and family of companies, so naming ourself after the element that we find inspiration from seemed appropriate.

From an early age our experiences in the ocean have been a key source of clarity, inspiration, and personal growth. Saltwater perpetuates that focus, providing a powerful, but natural flow of discovery, of learning, and of adventure. 

We are driven by these three simple principles:

  1. People matter most.

  2. Focus on the long-term, and the power of compouding.

  3. Don’t lose money.

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We love to learn about new businesses, and we focus on the people who run them. We’d love to have a conversation and see if you and your company might feel at home with Saltwater.

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