Partner Equity

Saltwater’s portfolio primarily consists of technology and consumer products companies. We’ve yet to make our first buy-out or acquisition, but we are actively looking for majority investments that fall within the following criteria:

Software businesses - online or app based
Profitable businesses - greater than $500K in annual profits
Smaller businesses - less than $10M in annual revenue
Talented Teams - in place to run the (post sale) business

With our Partner Equity approach, we’d hope to own the companies we invest in forever, and maintain a long-term partnership with the founders/owners. We have no plan to utilize traditional private equity approaches of highly leveraged transactions, employee layoffs, and changes in leadership. We want to support our companies with patient capital, strategic advisory, and a coach when times get tough. If this sounds like you:

  • Long-term focused

  • Would like make a positive impact with the company you build

  • Enjoy running your business, but need a little support

… then we’d love if you reached out to us -



Venture Portfolio

Saltwater has a proud portfolio of early stage venture investments. These are unlike Partner Equity, as they are typically small minority investments, but we feel lucky to be able to call these founders friends, and help with capital and advice along the way.

If you have a business that would make sense for a minority investment, we’d love to learn more.